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From Mission to Movement: Support Our Women & Philanthropy Impact Award!

This Give Day, Women & Philanthropy is on a mission to raise funds for our annual $25,000 W&P Impact Award! This prestigious award honors UC Davis faculty or staff who champion the advancement of women leaders, embody exceptional leadership qualities, and contribute significantly to our local and global university communities.

Each year's awardee has the privilege of directing this $25,000 to a UC Davis fund of their choice, fueling initiatives ranging from student scholarships to women's health research, athletics, the arts, and beyond. Every contribution matters, as it paves the way for an inclusive culture of philanthropy.

Join us in celebrating the visionaries who inspire the next generation of leaders and leave an indelible mark on our world. Your support to Women & Philanthropy is not just a gift - it's commitment to creating a legacy of impact and empowerment.

“Success is not about how much money you make, it's about the difference you make in people's lives.” 

- Michelle Obama              

The Women & Philanthropy initiative is a movement fueled by our shared belief in the transformative power of giving. No matter the size of our gifts, we are united in the understanding that together we have the power to shape a better world. By nurturing each other's success, we pave the path for collective.

Let's take action and build a future where every dream can thrive. Amplify your impact by making a gift today.

Join the movement today!

Employee Giving Committee Challenge
Thank you to our Employee Giving Committee members and colleagues who are making a difference by investing in programs at UC Davis! Your support helps us harness the power of UC Davis’ remarkable programs to make a difference. Your generosity will continue to inspire faculty and staff to create a brighter future for students, while furthering lifesaving research and services.
500 / 500 Donors
UC Davis Emeriti Association and UC Davis Retirees' Association Give Day Challenge
THANK YOU to UC Davis Emeriti and Retirees' Association and all those who gave this Give Day. We are grateful for your support.
The Chancellor’s Student Impact Challenge
THANK YOU to Chancellor Gary S. May and LeShelle May and all those who gave this Give Day. We are grateful for your support. And, congratulations to the the winners in the top four categories: Space & Satellite Systems Club and American Society of Civil Engineers Support (in the STEM category), Student Start Up Center Fund (in the student success category), Student Emergency Relief Aid Fund (in the student emergency category), and Lacrosse (in the club sports, activities and Athletics’ programs category).
Women & Philanthropy: Amplifying Impact
THANK YOU to Women & Philanthropy Advisory Council and all those who gave to Women & Philanthropy Impact Award Support Fund this Give Day. We are grateful for your support.
35 / 35 Gifts
Give during Give Day to turn your state and the world Gold!
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