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Picnic Day is an annual open house at UC Davis filled with spirit and tradition that brings together current students, families, alumni, staff, and the greater Davis community for a day of celebration and adventure. As one of the largest student-run events in the United States with over 70,000+ attendees, Picnic Day showcases the inclusivity, originality, and radiant enthusiasm that transform the campus to life. This year, the theme of Picnic Day is Picnic Palooza. The word palooza sparks the vision of festive and celebratory ventures, which showcases the spectacularity of Picnic Day. 

Our amazing team of 70 students work hard throughout the year to make Picnic Day possible. From selecting performers to contacting exhibits, every detail is thoughtfully cared for. We talk out marketing strategies to spread the word about Picnic Day, manage volunteer teams, and outreach to sponsors. In the weeks leading up, we handle permits, safety arrangements, and signage distribution. Through that, our goal is to make Picnic Day sustainable and enjoyable by preparing staff meals & development opportunities for our team.

Picnic Day is not just a celebration of community engagement, but an event that showcases the diversity, creativity, and enthusiasm of the school. It serves as a welcome for all to experience the hidden gems of UC Davis and to appreciate the unity the Aggie community brings. We hope you can join us in making the 110th Picnic Day the best one yet!

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THANK YOU to Chancellor Gary S. May and LeShelle May and all those who gave this Give Day. We are grateful for your support. And, congratulations to the the winners in the top four categories: Space & Satellite Systems Club and American Society of Civil Engineers Support (in the STEM category), Student Start Up Center Fund (in the student success category), Student Emergency Relief Aid Fund (in the student emergency category), and Lacrosse (in the club sports, activities and Athletics’ programs category).
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