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UC Davis, one of the most sustainable universities in the world, is at the forefront of the energy revolution.

Our prosperity and way of life are fueled by energy, yet our energy system is the largest contributor to climate change and many other environmental challenges.

For 15 years, the Energy and Efficiency Institute has worked to create a safe, reliable, equitable, and sustainable energy system. Through our research, education, and outreach we develop and advance energy solutions, train future leaders in sustainable energy, and influence state, national, and international energy policies and practices.

 “The Institute brings together thought leaders and experts across the energy industry. That collaborative environment, fostering discussion and learning across disciplines and areas of expertise, was an essential and invaluable part of my educational experience. Working within that community expanded my lens and helped me understand and think about problems in the energy sector in a much broader and more sophisticated way." Nick Pappas, Independent Consultant, NP Energy LLC (Energy Graduate Group graduate 2018) 

Your gift, no matter the size, will help elevate our impact; it will ensure that our faculty and staff continue their ground-breaking research and excellence in teaching, our graduate program in energy leads the nation, and our students have unprecedented opportunities to engage directly in research and hands-on experiences.

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Energy and Efficiency Institute Give Day Challenge
THANK YOU to Nancy Pfund and to everyone that supported the Energy and Efficiency Institute Give Day Challenge this Give Day! Your gifts will provide the support EEI needs to address our critical Energy challenges.
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