Thank you for becoming a Social Ambassador!

Social media sharing is the key to a successful Give Day for UC Davis. The role our Aggie alumni, friends, students, parents, faculty and staff play in spreading the word about our deserving programs is pivotal to the success of this great annual event.

You can help broaden the reach of our Give Day by emailing, sharing, forwarding, and posting on all of your social media channels. Please also use the hashtags listed below so your posts appear on the front page of our main site during the 29-hour Give Day event. All of this will help us build a strong future for UC Davis and UC Davis Health. 

Through your unique social ambassador URL link you can track how many donations and supporters you helped generate.

To get started:

  1. Click on the link to the right to sign up using either your email or by linking to your Facebook page. If you’re already signed up as a Social Ambassador, sign in here.
  2. Watch the quick ambassador orientation video above to familiarize yourself with the system.
  3. Update your profile and cover photos with images from the Social Ambassador Toolkit available here. (You will need to download the word document to access the materials in the toolkit).
  4. Use our Give Day sticker at Or our Picnic Day/Give Day GIFS.
  5. The following hashtags will pull your posts onto our home page tagboard during Give Day and will help you spread the word about Give Day: #UCDavisGiveDay, #EveryAggieCounts, #UCDHstrong. Please note that your post might not be pulled onto our main page if you have restricted the number of people who can see your posts.
  6. Encourage your followers to give to UC Davis on Give Day and to become Social Ambassadors themselves to help spread the message even more widely.
  7. IN 2024 WE HAVE A NEW #UCDavisGiveDay PHOTO CONTEST! A toolkit has been provided with photos of the grand prize pack to help entice your communities to participate in our photo contest: Give Day social contest toolkit & Box folder with social media post assetsWe would like for schools and units to confirm their participating activity/location by Friday, March 22 in advance of posting our list of photo ops on the week of April 1. A post teasing the contest will show up live on @CalAggieAlumni channels. Join us!!