Aggies Helping Aggies
Supporting Aggie Mental Health and students in need

Aggies Helping Aggies (AHA), the UC Davis Student Foundation, is dedicated to building a culture of philanthropy among students. By increasing awareness about the many philanthropic opportunities on campus, AHA raises money for programs that directly help their fellow students, and encourages students to give to initiatives that improve campus life for everyone.

Student Emergency Relief Aid (SERA)

The SERA program offers financial awards to students to keep them in school and on track to graduation during emergency situations. Whether a student has lost a job, has car repairs or needs assistance with rent, SERA is available with financial awards that bridge the gap, and don't need to be repaid. 

Even students who manage their money carefully can be caught by life’s surprises—an accident or illness, losing a job or a place to live. Aggies Helping Aggies helps students stay in school through times of crisis.

This program was created by students in 2011 during the Great Recession, to help other students in need. The founders, and our students today, believe no UC Davis student should to have to discontinue their education due to an emergency financial setback.


Senior Class Challenge

Aggies Helping Aggies provides an annual opportunity for the graduating class to support fellow students and leave their mark in a memorable way. This year, we are partnering with Aggie Mental Health to create a mural that will serve as a beacon of hope to students – reminding them that none of us are alone.

Studies via the UC Davis Health CARE Project show that 40.7 percent of our students report negative impacts of anxiety, and 29.6 percent reported struggling with depression. The same study highlights the benefits of art therapy and how it can help students.

We challenge the Class of 2023 and all students to make a gift of $20.23 that honors this graduation year.  Your efforts will show that kindness counts.

If you or a friend are in need of support, please reach out to Aggie Mental Health by texting RELATE to 741741.  

Employee Giving Committee Challenge
Thank you to our Employee Giving Committee members and colleagues who are making a difference by investing in programs at UC Davis! Your support helps us harness the power of UC Davis’ remarkable programs to make a difference. Your generosity will continue to inspire faculty and staff to create a brighter future for students, while furthering lifesaving research and services.
500 / 500 Donors
Tube Sock Madness for Student Emergency Relief Aid
Thank you to Trevor '09 and Lindsay Longman '09 and everyone who supported the Tube Sock Madness for Student Emergency Relief Aid Challenge! Your gifts will provide emergency awards to students facing difficult financial situations. This assistance will help students take another step towards degree completion. We are grateful for your generosity!
Planned Giving Challenge - Wayne & Jacque Bartholomew
THANK YOU to Wayne and Jacque Bartholomew and all those who requested a planned giving one-on-one consultation this Give Day. We are grateful for your support!
50 / 50 Donors
Give during Give Day to turn your state and the world Gold!
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