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Graduate Studies
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UC Davis Graduate Studies supports graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in over one-hundred disciplines, ranging from cultural studies to veterinary medicine. UC Davis master’s and doctoral graduates become leaders in their fields – researchers, teachers, politicians, mentors and entrepreneurs. Graduates go on to guide, define and impact change to address challenges within our global community.

This year on Give Day, we’ve chosen several areas your gift can support:

Graduate Student Fellowship Fund

With fresh perspectives and disruptive ideas, graduate students play a critical role in keeping UC Davis’ research on the cutting edge. They add value to every aspect of the university, becoming leaders in their own fields while shaping the next generation of leaders. Your support of their work pays dividends.  

Graduate Students Basic Needs Fund

Twenty-six percent of UC Graduate Students experience food insecurity. Access to basic needs, which includes consistent access to nutritious food, in addition to stable and safe housing, are essential to the mental and physical wellbeing of graduate students. Graduate Studies is committed to addressing the graduate students’ basic needs in a holistic manner to ensure all students have the opportunity to be successful.

Graduate Student Emergency Fund

Graduate Student Emergency Fund provides financial assistance to graduate students who have an immediate, unexpected expense due to circumstances beyond their control.

Guardians Professions Program

The Guardian Professions Program strives to help former foster youth gain admission to advanced degree programs that will allow them to succeed in their desired career path. With your generous donations we are able to provide advice and coaching to these students on programs and career direction, preparation-travel and tests, and further mentoring throughout their time in the graduate program. Give today for the Guardian Professions Program to create a brighter future for these scholars!

GradPathways Institute For Professional Development

The GradPathways Institute for Professional Development (GPI) provides an enhanced professional development ecosystem at UC Davis. Through innovative navigational and curricular tools, GPI endeavors to strengthen its programs, expand experiential opportunities, create a graduate community, and make the broad array of ever-changing career paths for advanced degree holders more visible.

Leaders For The Future Support Fund

The business world is very different from the realm of academics in terms of timelines, teamwork, communication, and culture. Leaders for the Future helps Ph.D. students and postdoctoral scholars in all disciplines—humanities, social sciences, and STEM—differentiate themselves on the job market by supplementing academic accomplishments with innovation, communication, and leadership and business skills gained and applied outside the university setting.

The McNair Scholars Program

For many first-generation and low-income students, the journey to postgraduate education is often intimidating due to numerous disadvantages and obstacles, whether they be financial barriers, a lack of resources and mentors or the fear of the unknown. The McNair Scholars Program was created to prepare undergraduate students for doctoral studies through involvement in research and other scholarly activities. It provides a foundation to gain skills in research while improving confidence working, often for the first time, in a laboratory environment.

Tara K. Telford Graduate Student Award

The average lifespan of someone with cystic-fibrosis is 44 years. The Tara K. Telford Graduate Student Award was created to further support research seeking to find a cure for cystic fibrosis, assisting graduate student research in the Department of Chemistry. We are proud to say that as researchers discover new medications and treatments to help cure cystic-fibrosis, the average lifespan is increasing. This fellowship was created in honor of Tara Telford who sadly passed away in November of 2017. Tara was a graduate of the Mathematics department in 1999, a proud supporter of graduate student research, and loved by so many on campus. 

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Apr 17, 2021

"When we learned we could increase our support of UC Davis through Give Day, we jumped at the opportunity. Give Day, which ends in just a few hours, gives you the opportunity to extend the positive impact of your donation, no matter its size."

-- Fred and Carolyn Redeker

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