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Never has the hope for a cleaner, more livable future been more urgent than at this moment. UC Davis, the most sustainable university in the world is at the forefront. 

ITS-UC Davis is the leading university center in the world on sustainable transportation.

We conduct innovative and objective research that informs durable, science-based regional, national, and international transportation policy and strategic business decisions. 

Our programs emphasize advanced vehicle technologies, alternative  fuels, land use planning, consumer behavior and new mobility.  We host a widely acclaimed interdisciplinary Transportation Technology and Policy (TTP) graduate degree program that draws from 34 academic disciplines to train a new, dynamic generation of leaders dedicated to the future of low-carbon transportation.

UC Davis Transportation Alums: Changing California, Changing the World

Ryan McCarthy ’09 is an influential Science and Technology Policy Advisor to the Chair of the California Air Resources Board.  He says his experience at ITS-Davis was invaluable.  “It’s the combination of analytical training, relevant issues, and exposure to researchers, policymakers, and business that contribute to ITS.  There’s no better place to explore the new technology and policy than ITS-Davis.  You can change the world with what you’re doing at ITS.  That may sound kind of hokey, but what they come up with may be the next new policy idea.”

Support the next generation of leaders like Ryan, people who are having a tremendous influence on the policies and practices that will create a better future for California and the world.

Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS)-Davis Challenge
While we didn’t meet our challenge goal, because of the support from all our donors, Dan Sperling and Sandy Berg still made the generous gift of $110,000 to support the Institute of Transportation Studies. Thanks to Dan and Sandy - and all of you for giving!
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