Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing
Making it Real for School of Nursing Students

Long before commercial pilots get in a real cockpit, they log countless hours of flight time in flight simulators. Likewise, at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, our nursing, nurse practitioner and physician assistant students train in high-tech simulated scenarios, building high-risk skills in low-risk settings.

When you support the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, you provide the hands-on, real-world experiences that give our students the skills they’ll need as future health care providers.

Betty Irene Moore Hall—scheduled to open fall 2017—features innovative simulation spaces that replicate a hospital ward, a health care clinic and a one-bedroom apartment. Here clinical students will use state-of-the-art technology—such as software-driven, life-like mannequins that mimic heart-rate and breathing—to practice vital skills in a controlled setting before they interact with real people.

Students learn best when they feel safe and confident. Simulation technology encourages our students to develop the practical, critical-thinking and communication skills crucial to saving lives. From starting an IV line to responding to a patient whose heart has stopped, students learn to react to health care scenarios and work together as a team to care for a patient’s needs.

Your gift to our Simulation Technology Fund underwrites the purchase and upkeep of high-tech mannequins, specialty parts and equipment that help our students gain the skills and confidence they need to provide the best care. Join us by investing in the future of how our students learn today. Because together, we add up!

Simulation Technology Wish List:

Arterial arm stick kit: $550

Wound care assessment set: $2,000                                                                 

Simulator virtual IV with computer and software: $5,000                                           

Simulator newborn baby: $18,045                                                                  

Simulator bariatric patient: $39,000                                                                           


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