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The College of Engineering teaches our students how to test ideas and create products, whether they are physical or digital, along with the core aspects of creating a venture and running a business. We are preparing students from all backgrounds to serve as tomorrow’s engineering leaders at an unprecedented rate with over 1,000 graduating B.S. engineers each year.


We remain deeply committed to the student experience providing a multitude of resources and opportunities to enrich students’ lives.

On Give Day, we are asking our alumni and friends to invest in our students as well as our faculty and research. You can choose to support one of our eight outstanding departments listed in the drop down menu above. Or, to support the college broadly, you can make a gift to the Annual Fund (providing the dean flexible funds to respond to opportunities and initiatives for students and faculty), the Engineering Student Design Center (where we will be stationed on Picnic Day between 10 a.m.- 1 p.m.) or the Student Startup Center (featured in the video above).

To inspire your support, our Dean’s Executive Committee (DEC) and our college leadership have invested in challenges.


When 50 gifts have been made towards the DEC challenge, an additional $12,500 will be added to the College of Engineering’s Annual Fund from the DEC. Gifts to all areas of College of Engineering count for the challenge, so please, click on the challenge and support Engineering students and faculty in a way that’s meaningful to you!


College of Engineering’s leadership (including Dean Curtis, assistant and associate deans and department chairs) have collectively contributed $6,000 to the College of Engineering for Give Day to encourage CoE staff and faculty to invest in the college. When 40 College of Engineering employees click on the Staff and Faculty challenge and make a gift back to the College of Engineering during Give Day, this $6,000 will be added to our totals for Give Day.

If you haven't given for Employee Giving Month...
Apr 21, 2018

you can do it on Give Day! Join us and give to a place you are passionate about!

Chancell-ing with UC Davis Baja
Apr 20, 2018

An honorary member joins the team.

Give during Give Day to turn your state Gold!
Rank State Gifts
1 CA 59
2 WA 3
3 CO 2
College of Engineering Dean's Executive Committee Challenge
THANK YOU to our generous donors for helping us reach our goal of 50 gifts! Your support of College of Engineering is important and very much appreciated. Thank you to the Dean’s Executive Committee for providing this $12,800 challenge gift and inspiring others to give as well!
50 / 50 Gifts
College of Engineering Leadership Faculty & Staff Challenge
Thank you! While we didn’t meet our challenge goal together we did make a big difference for the students and faculty in the College of Engineering. College of Engineering Leadership still made their generous gift of $6,000 and your gift was added to that contribution. Thank you for participating in UC Davis Give Day!
31 / 31 Gifts
Employee Giving Challenge | American Pacific Mortgage
We reached our goal of 250 gifts! Thank you to our donors for your generosity and for unlocking $10,000 from American Pacific Mortgage for the Larry N. Vanderhoef Staff Scholarship Fund.
250 / 250 Gifts
Battle of the Colleges
Support your College to move them up the leader board. A gift of any size will increase their ranking!
Rank Colleges Gifts
1 College of Letters and Science 297
2 College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences 228
3 College of Biological Sciences 105
4 College of Engineering 102
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