Employee Giving
Support our community members in need for Give Day and Employee Giving Month!

Each year our generous UC Davis and UC Davis Health employees donate more than $3.7 million to a wide range of programs they find meaningful. Whatever program you choose to support, please know your gift of any size on Give Day makes a tremendous difference.

This April, because so many of our fellow employees and students are in need, we are encouraging gifts to programs that support student emergency housing and the Staff Emergency Fund.

The Staff Emergency Fund provides quick cash awards of up to $1,000 to staff members experiencing urgent financial hardship. Established in Fall 2020 in response to COVID-19, the awards have helped more than 75 employees cover emergencies related to housing, food, utilities, transportation and funeral costs. The fund needs replenishment in order to keep providing this crucial help. Click here to support the Davis campus employees.  Click here to support the Health campus employees.

Aggie Compass supports emergency housing for students through the College Focused Rapid Rehousing program. It provides safe, stable housing for houseless students as well as a meal plan and intense case management designed to promote holistic and academic success. This year, the UC Davis Retirees’ Association and the Emeriti Association are mobilizing support for the Aggie Compass Housing Support Fund. Click here to support. 

Aggie House is a new transitional housing shelter for students facing homelessness—a growing problem at UC Davis and other campuses nationwide. The student-run facility provides shelter, food, and help finding permanent housing, jobs, food stamps and other assistance so that students can focus on academics and completing their degrees.  Click here to support Aggie House.

Please give today so we can support more of our staff and students experiencing hardships. A gift of any size truly makes a difference.

Thank you for your support, now and always.


Davis as UC it encourages all of our employees at UC Davis Health and the UC Davis main campus to find a cause personally meaningful to them at UC Davis and support it.

Gifts can be given on Give Day and during Employee Giving Month each April. Another option is a monthly payroll deduction, which offers the steady support our programs need most.


Each year, we recognize generous colleagues who support and promote a culture of philanthropy at UC Davis! In 2022, we are highlighting staff and faculty who have made a positive impact. We're delighted to recognize Emily Scivoletto, Jennifer Moylan, Ernesto Sandoval, and Jay Rosenheim.

Emily Scivoletto is the senior assistant dean for Student Affairs at the School of Law. “I give to UC Davis, and to the law students at King Hall specifically, because I appreciate how hard it is for students to finance their education and because our world needs kind, ethical problem-solvers in the legal profession.” Thank you, Emily! 

Jennifer Moylan is a study abroad program coordinator and advisor in Global Affairs. “Our students’ stories of their transformative intercultural experiences inspire me to invest in global learning at UC Davis.” Through her work she promotes inclusiveness and respect for the diversity of cultures, values and beliefs that make up our global university. Thank you, Jennifer! 

Ernesto Sandoval ’96 is the manager of the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory, for his generosity. “I strongly believe in the mission of the Botanical Conservatory as the place where a large diversity of live plants are grown for classes.” Thank you, Ernesto! 

Jay Rosenheim ’83 is a distinguished professor in the Department of Entomology and Nematology and Center for Population Biology. "I give to the annual campaign and have done so for a long time because I did my undergraduate education here and had a fabulous experience. Having been both a student and a teacher here, I appreciate what a great institution UC Davis is – definitely worthy of support." Thank you, Jay!

Can I give now? Before Give Day starts?
Apr 16, 2022

Of course you can! 

Click on any challenge or page on this site, and you will be directed to an area where you can support UC Davis or UC Davis Health.

We know you are busy. That's why we made it possible for everyone to give early and be counted on Give Day. 

Join us today, if you want to! 

Every gift makes a difference! And we appreciate your support!

Join us for the fun this Give Day by becoming a Social Ambassador!
Apr 15, 2022

Give Day is only a week away! Have you signed up to be a Social Ambassador yet? 

It's very easy to become one! Follow these steps or watch the video included below!

1) Join here! 

2) Support UC Davis or UC Davis Health by posting links to their Give Day web pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok before and during Give Day. 

3) Include in your post a brief story about these places that makes you smile.

4) Include at least one of our hashtags to pull your Twitter or Instagram posts onto the tagboard on our main page! #ucdavisgiveday, #everyaggiecounts, #ucdhstrong

5) If you enjoy a little friendly competition, you can easily track how many gifts you help bring in through your own social ambassador dashboard on this site. (If you don't like to compete, that's ok! Just enjoy making a positive difference for the areas you promote.)

Give during Give Day to turn your state and the world Gold!
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Planned Giving Challenge - Wayne & Jacque Bartholomew
THANK YOU to Wayne and Jacque Bartholomew and all those who requested a planned giving one-on-one consultation this Give Day. We are grateful for your support!
Employee Giving Committee Challenge
Thank you to our Employee Giving Committee Members and colleagues who are making a difference by investing in programs at UC Davis! Your support helps us harness the power of UC Davis’ remarkable programs to make a difference. Your generosity will continue to inspire faculty and staff to create a brighter future for students, while furthering lifesaving research and services.
500 / 500 Gifts
Family Fellows Challenge for Parent Giving
We reached our goal of 150 gifts! Thank you to all parents and donors for your generosity--and thanks to Family Fellows Parent, Liz Schenk, for her generous support of UC Davis.
150 / 150 Gifts
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