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Office of Research
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UC Davis’ Office of Research is defined by and celebrated for an interdisciplinary spirit that is a hallmark of our campus. Our research findings and commitment to solving real-world problems puts UC Davis at the forefront of major research universities. The topics covered by the Office of Research stretch not only across campus but around the world.

The Office of Research is a catalyst for advancing the research mission of UC Davis. Our responsibilities include:

  • Providing service and resources that enhance research and other creative endeavors.
  • Enhancing partnerships and collaborations with government, industry and other research enterprises.
  • Developing infrastructure and policy that promote creativity and an entrepreneurial culture.
  • Ensuring that policies and educational programs promote both a culture of innovation and a culture of compliance on the UC Davis campus.
  • Communicating to the general public and state, national and international decision makers, the value of UC Davis research to the quality of life.

Below is a small sampling of UC Davis’ interdisciplinary research initiatives housed within the Office of Research:

Every gift to support the Office of Research plays a part in solving the most critical research challenges of our time. From our climate change, to coastal marine science, to protecting and restoring natural environments as living laboratories, we practice science in ways that seamlessly blend disciplines.

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  • Biotechnology Program
  • Bodega Marine Laboratory
  • California National Primate Research Center
  • Center for Healthcare Policy & Research
  • CeDAR Impact Center
  • Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute
  • Feminist Research Institute
  • Gene Therapy Impact Center
  • Global Migration Impact Center
  • Institute for Global Nutrition
  • John Muir Institute of the Environment
  • Mysis-Based Clarity Restoration
  • Natural Reserve System
  • OneClimate
  • Perinatal Origins of Disparities Center
  • Tahoe Environmental Research Center
  • World Water Initiative
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Apr 17, 2021

"When we learned we could increase our support of UC Davis through Give Day, we jumped at the opportunity. Give Day, which ends in just a few hours, gives you the opportunity to extend the positive impact of your donation, no matter its size."

-- Fred and Carolyn Redeker

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Employee Giving Committee Challenge - Davis as UC It!
We reached our stretch goal of 500 gifts! Thank you to our employee donors for your generosity and for unlocking $5,000 from the Employee Giving Committee.
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Planned Giving Challenge - Wayne & Jacque Bartholomew
THANK YOU to Wayne & Jacque Bartholomew, all who gave to this challenge and all those who support UC Davis by including the university in their estates. Gifts of this magnitude often provide key funding for areas of innovation and need.
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Family Fellows Challenge for Parent Giving
We reached our goal of 150 gifts! Thank you to our donors for your generosity and thank you to parents Rick Adler and Nancy Haekyung Adler for your generous support of UC Davis.
150 / 150 Gifts
One Climate Research Grants
THANK YOU to all of the donors that chose to support the One Climate Research Grants Challenge! Your generosity plays a crucial role in the One Climate Initiative's ability to fast-track climate change solutions that will create a more sustainable world. Thank you!
25 / 25 Gifts
World Water Initiative Challenge
THANK YOU to Douglas Yerkes, Ph.D., P.E., and to all of the generous donors that supported this challenge! Your gifts are greatly appreciated and will help UC Davis solve local and global water challenges.
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CHPR Give Day Challenge
THANK YOU to CHPR Director Dr. Joy Melnikow and all who gave to the Center for Healthcare Policy & Research Support this Give Day! We are grateful for your support!
15 / 15 Gifts
Kendra M Chan Bodega Marine Lab Challenge
THANK YOU to Vicki Moore and to all of the generous donors that chose to give to this challenge in Kendra Chan's honor. Your support is deeply appreciated and will support high-achieving undergraduates students who aspire to conduct research at the Bodega Marine Laboratory over the summer.
20 / 20 Gifts
Lake Tahoe Clarity Restoration
THANK YOU to the Loury Foundation and all those who gave to TERC for your generous support of Lake Tahoe's clarity!
15 / 15 Gifts
UC Davis Gene Therapy Center Challenge
THANK YOU to Jan Nolta and all those who gave to the UC Davis Gene Therapy Center. We are grateful for your support!
10 / 10 Gifts
$2,500 Bodega Bay Marine Lab - White Abalone research, in memory of George "Hank" Toulson
THANK YOU to Susan Toulson '82 and to all of the generous donors that supported this challenge in memory of George "Hank" Toulson. Your gifts are deeply appreciated and will support the Bodega Bay Marine Lab's efforts to restore white abalone on the Pacific coast.
10 / 10 Gifts
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