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Employee Giving
Support our fellow employees in need for Employee Giving Month!

Each year, our generous UC Davis and UC Davis Health employees give over $2.5 million to support a wide array of meaningful and impactful university programs. 

This year, because so many of our fellow employees are in need, we are encouraging staff, faculty and emeriti to support them by giving to the UC Davis Staff Emergency Fund (look for it in the drop-down menu). This fund provides grants of up to $1,000 to staff members experiencing urgent financial hardship during this unprecedented time for all of us. 

Established last fall, the Staff Emergency Fund has been in such demand—providing more than $30,000 in assistance to nearly 40 employees—that it quickly needed replenishment. It will be ready for new applicants as soon as additional funds have been raised.

Grants are provided to staff members who have experienced a loss of wages through no fault of their own, or whose income cannot cover their needs. These awards are often used to help with housing, utilities, food, or transportation. 

Assistance is also provided when employees with limited resources are faced with medical emergencies, expenses related to the death of an immediate family member, or a sudden change in family income. 

Please give today so we can support more of our staff experiencing financial hardships during this tough time. A gift of any size truly makes a difference.

Thank you for your support, now and always.


Davis as UC it encourages all of our employees at UC Davis Health and the UC Davis main campus to find a cause personally meaningful to them at UC Davis and support it. 

Gifts can be given on Give Day and during Employee Giving Month each April, but can also be given on a monthly basis through payroll deduction.


UC Davis and UC Davis Health have many remarkable and influential programs that make a real difference in our region, our state and our world. Consider supporting any of these areas:

  • Animal Welfare and Care
  • Arts and Free Expression
  • Child Health and Welfare
  • Climate Change and the Environment
  • Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
  • Medicine and Health
  • Social Justice and Equality
  • Student Support
  • Unrestricted Support

We <3 our Employee Donors!
May 03, 2021

Another Grati-Tuesday gift bag recipient
Apr 28, 2021

Give during Give Day to turn your state and the world Gold!
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Employee Giving Committee Challenge - Davis as UC It!
We reached our stretch goal of 500 gifts! Thank you to our employee donors for your generosity and for unlocking $5,000 from the Employee Giving Committee.
500 / 500 Gifts
Planned Giving Challenge - Wayne & Jacque Bartholomew
THANK YOU to Wayne & Jacque Bartholomew, all who gave to this challenge and all those who support UC Davis by including the university in their estates. Gifts of this magnitude often provide key funding for areas of innovation and need.
100 / 100 Gifts
Family Fellows Challenge for Parent Giving
We reached our goal of 150 gifts! Thank you to our donors for your generosity and thank you to parents Rick Adler and Nancy Haekyung Adler for your generous support of UC Davis.
150 / 150 Gifts
Help Support Our Staff Challenge
THANK YOU to all of the generous donors that supported this challenge. Your gifts are deeply appreciated and will help our UC Davis and UC Davis Health staff experiencing financial emergencies. Thank you!
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